Science Escape Rooms

Science Escape Rooms have become a very popular choice to both Primary and Secondary Schools throughout the UK and compliment our range of STEM workshops in Primary and Secondary Schools. Due to the different structure of how Science is taught at Primary and Secondary how our Escape Boxes are offered reflects this.

For Primary Schools we have  two different Primary Escapes. These both cover a large range of topics that are integral to the KS2 Science Curriculum. These will cover a mixture of Biology,  Chemistry and Physics. An few example of topics covered include in our Primary Science Escape Rooms are States of Water, Habitats, Density, Food Chains,  Solar System to name a few.

For Secondary Schools there is a choice of how you want the Science Escape to be constructed. We offer a Secondary School Science Escape Rooms,  which like the Primary escapes incorporates all three scientific topics – Biology,  Physics and Chemistry. This has been created for KS3 students and allows a breadth of topics to be included.

If your school is looking for more of a concentration of either Chemistry,  Biology and Physics then we have created an escape aimed at GCSE years in each of these subject areas.

Whichever Key Stage your pupils are at our Science Escape activities offer a fantastic method to work on different science themes and topics. This innovative method of workshops can be a great way to revise for exams through the school year.