History Escape Rooms

The great thing about our Escape Boxes is that we can,  given the time, create any type of History Escape Rooms covering any subject we wish. Since starting School Escape Rooms we have been inundated with requests for different eras in history. Due to the popularity of this we have  a good choice of History Workshops with more in the pipeline.

Our history escape rooms are a great way to help explore a particular pint in history. This can be done to introduce a topic or at the end. No prior knowledge is needed as the pupils will learn about the particular topic by exposure to dates, facts, images and artefacts whilst solving puzzles a series of problem solving challenges.

Currently we have the following History Escape Rooms available.

WW2 – Our World War 2 Escape box aims to create an experience of what it would have been like to have been a child during this time of global war. This Escape is suitable for Year 3 – 6 (KS2)

Romans – The Romans Escape Box whilst giving your pupils the change to experience what it must have been like to have been a Roman Soldier,  also allows the participants to build up an idea of the infrastructure that the Romans provided that modern day Britain is based. This Escape is suitable for Year 3-7 (Ks2, early KS3)

Egyptians – Our Egyptian Escape provides the opportunity for pupils to puzzle their way through some of the earliest examples of writing, agriculture, and organised religion. A great way to look at such an ancient topic. This Escape is suitable for Year 3-6 (KS2)

Anglo Saxons – Our Anglo Saxon Escape looks at how they came to be in in Great Britain and how their realm of 600 years came to further sculpt our culture, language and borders. This Escape is suitable for Year 3-6 (KS2)

Given enough time we are happy to create further escape rooms at other points in history. If you are wanting your pupils to take part in a particular topic that cannot be seen here please do get in touch.