Prices for Classroom Escapes

The Prices for Primary School (KS2) and Secondary School (KS3, KS4, KS5) Classroom Escapes are below. These include all associated costs such as accommodation and travel. These prices are plus VAT which most schools can claim back.

Typically our classroom Escapes last for between 1 and 2 hours. If you are looking for activities that last all day for the same group of students you can combine our Escape Room Activities with activities from our other company The Problem Solving Company


    Days Price for one instructor Discounted rate for April, August & December
    One £495.00 £445.00
    Two £895.00 £795.00

    1 Form Entry

    One instructor can run 4 sessions, with a KS2 class in each, in a day.

    2 Form Entry

    For you pupils to get the most from the day if you are a two form entry school then we would suggest:

    (1) Either book two days at a reduced rate of £895.00 plus VAT

    (2) If you have two hall spaces then we can offer two instructors on the same day for £945.00 plus VAT


    Each instructor can run a session for 30 students at a time. If you have a greater number of students that you wish to particpate then you will need an increased number of instructors.

    Instructors Price Per Day
    one £495.00
    Two £895.00
    Three £1195.00

    If you need an greater number of instructors please do get in contact.


    Days Price Per Day
    one £595.00
    five £1995.00

    Please use these durations as a guide as we can fulfil any numbers of days that a school requires. Multiple days are provided at a discounted rate.